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Memorial Day Flood of 2015, cont.

The Park, The Flood, The Community, Part 3

(From a series of emails by UHNA President Joan Bartz)

This photo shows that the engineered wood fiber that was placed on the playground earlier this year has been washed away from this playground located nearest the creek. This area was completely flooded.

Based on another walk through the park today, the following reflects the status of recovery from the Memorial Day flood.

TENNIS COURTS: Fencing is in place around the courts except across the back portion. Three-fourths of the courts' surface still has mud in place and one of the court's net is gone. The courts' surface, already not in the best of shape prior to the flood, appears to need a complete resurfacing and sealant at this time.

THE BRIDGE: Today, the tree debris under the Loyola Lane bridge was removed. There still appears to be large amount of the debris laying in the creek which, as I understand, will be eliminated very shortly.

THE TRAIL: The hike and bike trail is in really bad shape everywhere but especially near the tennis courts and along the back of the park. Again, plans appear to be in the works to return the trail to its intended appearance and use as quickly as possible. In the meantime, everyone should use caution when in this area of the park; the ground gives a false sense of security in some places.

SANITATIION: Haven't heard anything from PARD about the status of sanitizing the playground equipment covered by flood waters as well as doing the same for the pool prior it being refilled with water but am sure that this will be handled as things progress.

PLAYGROUND SURFACE: Within the past year, PARD recovered all ground areas of the playground with a surfacing material more suitable in addressing the safety of the children in the playground. Regrettably, that resurfacing was completely uprooted by the flood and will need to be replaced once again.


During my walk through the Park today, I encountered an individual up in one of the trees at the back of the Park. Assuming he was a city worker checking on the tree, I asked if the tree was in danger. He replied that he wasn't with the city, was just working on his climbing skills. He did not seem aware that because the Park is city property, he might need a permit to climb the Park's tree. There was also a concern that, with the flooding saturation, the trees may not be as stable as they appear to be and a climber could be injured.

A check with the PARD's Urban Forestry Program provided the following guidelines re tree climbing at this time. A permit is required for both the safety of the climber and the trees and the climber must follow the guidelines laid out in park rules. It was also noted that under City Code Chapter 6-3-61, a person may not damage a tree. The bottom line: We don't want anyone to be injured anywhere in the park; let's all be careful and follow the rules.

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